My Top 22 Photographic Legacy Moments

I am often asked about my favorite photography moments. Well, there are too many. However, here are 22 that stand-out as real highlights in my life:

1. Aidan's morning with Yadi Molina in 2016, and any and every photographic session with Aidan.

2. San Andreas, Colombia with Carolina Gomez and Oswaldo Lopez. March 1994 What a sunrise.

3. Ray Charles concert. Sao Paulo, Brasil May 1995 With 75,000 other fans

4. Machu Picchu with my sister Christine January 2001

6. Tobacco barn deep in Cuban farmland March 2003

7. Dairy Queen in Sikeston, Missouri with C. Sigmund on way to Memphis to see Page & Plant March 1995

8. Photos with Chinese police in Bejing, China October 1999

9. Ted Nugent lecturing my nephew backstage Dallas, Texas August 2011

10. Batting Practice with Tony Larussa and STL Cardinals Miami Marlins Stadium July 2007

11. Matt & Becca Cain in Redfish Lake Idaho 2013

12. MLB All Star Game Miami 2017 during HR derby while Zach Greinke filmed his daughter playing with bottles of Gatorade

13. Conversation with Madison Bumgarner and Hunter Strickland regarding the MadBum historic 2nd HR on opening day.

14. With my parents Jerry and Darlene 2013 Hilton Head Island

15. Grand Canyon National Park "dark sky designation", no moon, no wind, clear sky and a horizon to horizon milky way

16. Robert Plant 2013, Birmingham Theatre

17. Florence, Italy, 2:30am, images of the Duomo from hillside

18. Gerald B. Corley calling balls and strikes on Hilton Head Island 2013

19. Amanda Malcolm journeys through her ideas of movie sets

20. Aldo & Stephanie, 2013, St. Josephs Cathedral St. Louis, a trolly ride and a visit from a llama.

21. Every visit to a Corley farm

22. Apocolyptic sand storm in Death Valley, CA 2016