The Story

Hi, welcome to our site and thank you for taking the time to know us and our work a little better. Originally from St. Louis, I have had the good fortune of dragging Nikon cameras with me through nearly 25 years of adventures in the front row of life. Many countries, friends, meadows, stadiums and concerts, and a few of the rarest of life's moments. I was able to capture a lot of it.

Our philosophy is simple: Photographic art is part of one's legacy. My family and friends deserve to have great images that will endure and tell stories for generations.

Aidan Corley (the most photographed child on the planet) and I reside in Cave Creek, Arizona. Up here in the foothills, the dust, the people, timber, leather and cactus make everything in life a little richer, even little league games on warm June days..

If you would like to join us by the fire pit for a conversation, a hike on the Go John trail, or if you would like to scout the next shoot location, give us a call. I say, if its not fun, it may not be worth doing. So take a peak and join us for some photographic adventure soon. See you in our magnificent studio.

Patrick Corley

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